Train Staff, Gather Market Data, or Receive Client Feedback

The JJungles CRM Survey Module offers digital agencies a fresh, modern interface with an intuitive design, guiding you through the process of creating custom surveys and questionnaires that can serve a huge range of purposes.

We’ve made it incredibly easy for digital agencies to enhance their CRM marketing, sales, and even team training using this powerful tool.

Survey module

Tailor Surveys to Your Specific Needs With Ease

Creating surveys and analysing their data has never been easier than with our CRM software. No detail is left behind; you can tailor the title, question types, survey parameters, and assign team members to oversee the survey’s performance.

Using Surveys as an Effective Training Tool

The JJungles CRM Survey Module is an incredibly effective tool for all employee learning and development purposes. You can conduct:

The JJungles Survey Module ensures that your team can benefit from customised training sessions and methods that suit their unique needs and preferences at a higher effectiveness. You can also identify gaps in your team’s knowledge and skills, proactively solving these areas before they become a roadblock for your digital agency.

Collect Valuable Market Data

Market research is invaluable to digital and creative agencies looking to develop high-quality products and services. With the Survey Module, you can easily create engaging surveys and questionnaires to distribute to your target audience, collecting valuable data that can shape your decision-making processes!

Use surveys to test product development, gathering feedback on your new launches or potential features. Assess market demand for your products, creating a foolproof strategy to ensure record-high profits for your digital marketing!

Survey Module

Build unshakeable relationships with your clients and customers with JJungles CRM’s surveys! Clients can submit their feedback and identify areas of improvement, your organisation’s strengths, and new opportunities to work together. This valuable information on clients’ experience with you can ensure their satisfaction and keep them coming back to work with you long-term!

Webinars, online courses, workshops, seminars and more can be planned with ease using JJungles survey tool! Gather your audience’s expectations, preferences and feedback both before, during and after your events to execute amazing events, and to analyse their success!

Turn JJungles surveys into fun and engaging quizzes with multiple choice or short answer questions that you can use in learning and development programmes! Quizzes are an amazing way to elevate employee engagement, while enhancing their knowledge on necessary skills and topics. These quizzes can improve morale and keep your workforce agile and well-learned through a constantly evolving digital landscape.

Survey Module
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