Simplifying Your Subscriptions with JJungles

Welcome to a new era of simplicity and efficiency in managing your business operations. JJungles CRM software introduces a robust Subscription Module designed to revolutionise the way you handle recurring services, such as monthly fees, hosting, and maintenance.

Internal Communications

Effortless Sign-Up Process

JJungles CRM ensures a frictionless sign-up experience for digital agencies. Whether you’re opting for a monthly service package, hosting plan, or ongoing maintenance, our intuitive interface guides them through a seamless sign-up process. With just a few clicks, you can subscribe to the services that best meet your needs.

Tailor-Made Subscription Plans

Provide your agency with the best in subscription pricing, with JJungles you can customise subscription plans to align with your business model! Define monthly fees, hosting options, and maintenance services based on your offerings. The Subscription Module allows for flexibility in crafting plans, ensuring we are the best CRM for small businesses and large firms alike.

Automated Billing

Bid farewell to manual billing hassles and save yourself time and stress! The JJungles Subscription Module automates the entire billing process. Generate invoices promptly, ensuring accurate and timely billing for subscribed services. This automation not only saves time, it also reduces the risk of errors incurred from manual invoicing.

Enjoy Multiple Payment Gateways

JJungles CRM supports various payment methods, so that you can enjoy the convenience of choosing your preferred mode of payment.

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