Here is your quick guide for Social Media posting.

1. Once you have selected your product, add it to your cart and complete our quick and easy checkout process

2.The content pack will be delivered straight to your inbox.

3.Open up the email and download the zip file.

4. As it is a zip file you will need to extract the zip and this will turn it into a normal folder. Essentially unzipping the file.

5. This will turn it into a normal folder.

6. There is a folder for the visual content and a CSV file with all the individual posts with the written content. This is arranged in a content calendar like system.

7. You can publish posts directly to Facebook and Instagram in real time. Alternatively you can use a Social Media management tool for scheduling posts. It really is that simple. We make managing your social networks as easy as possible with high quality pieces of content. Check out our social media calendar for extra tips and tricks on the latest Social Media marketing trends.

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