Create Customised and Specialised Courses

The JJungles Courses module allows your team or digital agency to add new learning and development courses to the platform, making continuous skills development incredibly easy and convenient.


With the ever-evolving business landscape, it is absolutely crucial to stay ahead of the learning curve and enhance your skills. With JJungles Courses, you can use our intuitive platform to easily search, add, and learn new skills and topics collaboratively. Avoid those lengthy training workshops that interrupt your team’s workflow – the Courses module is integrated into the interface seamlessly, so that you can learn and grow on your own schedule!

Create a Course On Any Topic

Want to give your team specialised training on your specific work processes, or offer insights using a client project as a case study? The options are unlimited with JJungles Courses – the module will guide you!

Simply create a new course, and title it whatever you’d like. Add Tags to describe the new course, which will make it easy for others to search up and find. Describe what you’ll be tackling in the course’s Content and Description fields. By adding an image as a cover, you can make sure your course will stand out!.

Lastly, choose who you want to give access to your course, and the payment method available. Voila, your brand new course is done!

Enrol Your Team With No Hassle

Want to add your team members to a course, or keep it available to only company-affiliated workers? No problem – simply toggle the options under the Access Rights sections. This allows users to effortlessly send courses to the right people, automatically adding them to the course’s schedule.


Discover Expert Courses To Learn From

The JJungles Courses Module also has a search function that allows other agencies or users to discover and purchase courses. This means that you can either sell your customised course, or look for courses on a huge range of topics, and add them to your itinerary! With an integrated payment and learning system, you can do it all without ever leaving JJungles CRM, saving your agency on both time and cost.

Learn, Discuss, and Share in One Place

No need to switch to a different messaging platform to discuss what you’ve learned, send materials back and forth, or share feedback! The Courses module has built-in messaging and log note tabs, which allow learners to easily speak with each other on the topic, sharing real-time messages with their colleagues through the Send Message Tab.The Log Note tab also allows users to take personal notes on the course materials – much like a digital notebook.

Keep Track of Your Course’s Success

Once creating your own custom course, you can keep track of all its real-time analytics through the simple bar menu at the top of the page. Discover how many people have visited, completed, or reviewed your course since its creation. You can even contact the attendees of your course for further discussion, feedback, or even promotion of your other courses on JJungles!

Simultaneously track how many copies of your Course have sold, and for how much. This revenue is received securely through your chosen payment method, which you can then withdraw as you see fit.

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