Leave Repetition and Tedium Behind

Your agency’s time and energy is precious – make the most of it every day and reach new levels of efficiency by automating those tedious daily tasks. JJungle’s CRM offers code-free building blocks for users to build customised automated workflows for marketing, sales, administration and beyond. Free up your time to focus on the things that really matter!


Choose from Our Current Automations For a Seamless Set Up

JJungles provides multiple workflow automations that have already been set-up, so that you can easily click and drop them into your work processes. Watch as your workload steadily decreases with each automation applied, allowing you to get more done in less time! These automated workflows encompass all the most important administrative tasks that keep your business running smoothly. When combined, they create their own perfectly optimised system that takes the tediousness out of your day. JJungles CRM’s established automations include:

Stay Ahead of Your Daily To-Do List With Scheduled Actions

The Scheduled Actions feature in JJungles CRM allows agencies to easily automate tasks of any kind, setting them to occur at specific times or even regular intervals. For example, users can use this CRM automation to schedule their work system to send email reminders, updateproject  records, or perform many other actions automatically.

No More Manually Checking Workflow Progress With Automated Actions

With Automated Actions, digital agencies can use their CRM to trigger actions automatically based on time conditions or other criteria. For example, a user can use this automation to seamlessly send out messages after a task has been completed.

Additionally, with this automation, you can automate multiple tasks to occur over a period of time without any manual intervention! Automated Actions can be used for a variety of purposes, such as altering a document’s stage, preventing incorrect data entry, and creating follow-up tasks for users. This means that your dependent tasks will automatically be taken care of – literally creating a seamless workflow for a long-term period.

Never Forget To Reply With Automated Email Notifications

Emails can pile up, and before you realise it, you may have spent most of the day down the email rabbit hole – trying to get caught up on replies, reading through email threads, and taking note of the next tasks and deadlines to add to your calendar.

Your digital agency can use JJungles CRM to set up automated email notifications for all kinds of events, such as order confirmations, invoice notifications, or shipment updates. Go a step further and use our customisable email templates, which you can then automate to be sent at the right time. The JJungles Email Notifications automation allows you to keep updated on all the most important tasks, events, and updates – while also responding to them without any manual intervention.

conveniently Fill In Information Fields With Default Values And Predefined Actions

Keeping dozens of usernames, passwords, dates, emails, and so much more written down haphazardly makes creating records a huge hassle. With the Default Values automation, you can securely save your needed information and pre-fill your information fields when creating records.

JJungles CRM automations goes the extra mile to assist you in writing and tracking data for your records, ensuring a high-quality and accurate result. You can use the Predefined Actions automation to occur automatically when creating or editing records, such as assigning a default salesperson to the record, or setting a default warehouse as the location.

Create and Deliver Automated Reports

When you have great reports, your team can work even more effectively. Using the Automated Reports feature, digital agencies can improve their marketing, sales, production and all other processes with detailed, up-to-date reports. Using this automation, you can easily schedule and automate the generation and distribution of reports.

We offer high-quality report templates that you can easily customise in our editor window. Then, make sure that your reports reach the right people at the right time – the Automated Reports automation allows you to choose the times and contacts that you send reports to. For example, you can send quarterly progress reports to your entire team, or monthly project reports to your clients!

Get Ahead of The Curve

Take charge of your day with the best CRM on the market, staying on top of every detail without confusion or stress. Say goodbye to scattered emails, notifications, and applications cluttering your desktop and your mind – our comprehensive CRM does the work for you.

Save on Time, Energy, and Costs

Save on Time, Energy, and Costs

Work Faster Than Ever Before

With our Automations, you can leave repetitive work behind and get ahead of your competitors. Schedule tasks, and set up important notifications and reminders. OurAutomations are not limited to one module; they span the entire board of your business’s operations. Turn your workflow into a well-oiled machine that never stumbles, so that you can enjoy a stress-free work environment.

Cultivate a Seamless Workflow

Picture yourself in a lazy river, sipping cocktails and laying back as the current takes you to where you need to go. This is the work experience JJungle’s Automations feature offers! With the Automation feature, even the most complex projects and communication threads become effortlessly streamlined. Kick back and relax as your work gets done for you, just like magic.

Expand Your Team’s Capacity

Say goodbye to the manual repetition that bogs down your team’s productivity. JJungle’s Automations empowers you to set up custom workflows that suit the unique needs of your business. With JJungles, your automated tasks, reminders, deadlines and more are executed with flawless precision every time.

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Emails, Notifications, Reminders

You name it, JJungles can automate it. Unlock the potential of a fully automated workflow, so that your team can redirect their energy towards high-value tasks.

Customise and Optimise

You have total freedom to customise and optimise your workflows like never before. Adapt each automated task with code-free solutions to your specific requirements.

Create an Agile Environment

When you’re unburdened from repetition and tedium, you’re able to develop a more agile, responsive, and flexible environment!

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